Hi! We're Divyne.

We're bringing international quality
beauty to South-East Asia.

We believe quality beauty shouldn't be for the select few.

For us, beauty is so much more than a product on a shelf. It's a way of living – that glowing, unstoppable confidence that comes when you truly feel great.

But when we returned to South-East Asia, we were stunned to find no real options. The local products lacked quality and the international ones were insanely overpriced.

Determined to find a solution, we spent years studying the magic and science of the beauty industry. Working with world-leading experts, we started to understand why great beauty was so hard to come by in South-East Asia.

But, as it turns out, it doesn't have to be...

The problem
Everybody takes a cut.

We found that before your cherished serum reaches you, it's passed through 3 middlemen – with each taking a cut and adding a mark-up.

From import tax, to distributors, to malls. Everybody takes a slice of the pie. The result? Overpriced products – with you paying the price.

The solution
Goodbye middlemen.

We teamed up with world-leading cosmetic scientists to create the products we wished existed here. The life-changing, can't-wait-to-tell-everyone kind.

Then we produce them locally in our international-quality facilities, and ship them direct to you.

No middlemen. No mark-ups. Just international-quality beauty at a fair price.

We do things differently.

International-quality, without the price tag.

We combine the world's leading cosmetic scientists with in-house production, then ship direct to you. The result?

A beauty revolution in South-East Asia.

World-leading cosmetic scientists.

We brought the world's leading cosmetic scientists to South-East Asia to pioneer products that are rooted in science.

No marketing fads, no nonsense.

Good-for-you, ethical and no nasties.

Because we believe great beauty products make us feel great – inside and out. No parabens, sulfates, silicones & more.

We say no to nasties, so you don't have to.